The Advantages of Hiring a Residential Painting Company

Painting is more than just your average DIY project. The right color matched with an expert finish can turn an eyesore into the primary feature of your home. Whether you choose a classic finish or a bold statement, your home can stand out among the rest! For a project of this caliber, bringing in a professional is the only way to achieve the best results.

When choosing a residential painting company, here are a few questions to consider:

What is the company’s reputation?

Choosing a local company can provide you with excellent customer service. But how do you know you can trust a company to follow through on the job within the set timeframe and budget? Check out reviews from previous clients or the Better Business Bureau score. Have they received local recognition or awards? Finding an established, reputable company provides peace of mind.

What is your first impression?

Evaluate how well the company handles your initial inquiry. Do they respond within a reasonable amount of time? Are you treated with professionalism and courtesy? First impressions make a lasting impact, so chances are if you don’t feel like a priority, your project won’t be either. 

How thorough is the estimate?

Make sure the estimate includes appropriate categories such as supplies and labor. If a company fails to provide adequate information, ask for a cost breakdown. Remember that going with the cheapest estimate doesn’t ensure a satisfactory result. Often those companies have additional expenses or fees not included in the original estimate. Even if they stick to the budget, you might end up with a less than desirable finish and another project on your hands.

For projects like residential painting, which last for years to come, it’s always worth the investment to find a company that stands behind their work. This is something you, your family and friends will see every day, so make sure you end up with a product you love. 

A quality residential painting company can also help you determine which color is best for your project, whether inside, outside, or even accents. Paint Crafters goes above and beyond to provide you with an excellent customer service experience from start to finish. And the results speak for themselves. Contact us today to find out how we can turn your dream project into reality. 

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