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Epoxy Floor Installers in Washington

If you’re searching for professional epoxy floors installers in Washington, you need not search any further. 

Paint Crafters epoxy floor coatings installers are experienced professional epoxy coating experts with the knowledge to finish your floor coating needs. 

Paint Crafters has been installing flooring systems for 30 + years, from industrial applications to completing garage floors in residential environments. We employ a professional team of highly-skilled, trained, and certified epoxy floor installers. We have the experience to do the job right. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure we deliver on our promise. 

Environment: Cracked floors and trenches may allow hazardous chemicals to seep into the ground below. Paint Crafters can repair and coat your concrete so that chemicals neither seep through nor damage your concrete. This will allow your floors to be resistant to oil, water, and various other substances.  

Longevity: Cracking and pitting are certain signs that your concrete is aging. Once they begin, they hasten the deterioration of your floor. When Paint Crafters repairs and protects your concrete, we ensure you get the longest life possible out of your concrete floors. Your floors will be much more resistant to normal wear and tear and heavy continuous traffic. This saves you money for the long term. Plus, less maintenance and upkeep is necessary. 

Cleanliness: In many environments’ cleanliness is of huge importance. Concrete dust can make this problematic. Paint Crafters can repair and coat your concrete floors to help you keep your floors clean, becoming easy and convenient.

Aesthetics: Stained cracked concrete floors are unprofessional and just plain ugly. Paint Crafters will install your flooring systems and turn your eyesore into a showpiece. Allow your concrete floors to have a shiny high-gloss finish that drastically increases the brightness of your interior areas. 

Allow your concrete floors to look immaculate by hiring the number one epoxy floor installers in Washington. Call us today to request a free quote. 

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Paint Crafters has been a long-time supporter of the MAC museum and the Spokane Preservation Society.

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